TDD and TCR. Okay… Testing.

I could talk to you about Kent Beck or I could just give you the link to his website.

Now you can see I chose the option B.

This week I listened to Kent talk about testing in a way I never heard before.

Test Driven Development

First, watched a conversation. In which I could hear two different points of view on TDD. Test Driven Development (TDD) consists in two steps:

  1. Write a unit test with the expected output, then
  2. Write the code

Very simple, right?

TDD is not for everyone. Some developers will find it really easy -that’s the case of Kent-, others won’t.

From Kent’s point of view Pro TDD:

Maybe I won’t know how to program something, but I’ll know how to test it…

I hope I’m not the only one, but sometimes I’d be coding, then stop and think “I have no idea how to solve this” or I just don’t know how to begin. TDD is really helpful in this situations, because after you write a test, at least you’ll know what are the inputs and outputs, and that’s a first step.

On the other hand, David Heinemeier talks about the struggles of TDD:

It’s unnatural to write a test first for each functionality.

I agree on this. I’ve done TDD a few times at school and… I forget. I would start with the correct flow: write test, code, test fails, code, test passes, repeat… Then, at some point I already programmed a bunch of functions and where are the tests? Well, I forgot to write them – or I pretend I did, but actually just got lazy -.

Test && commit || revert

Second, I listened to a podcast about Test && commit || revert (test and commit or revert, TCR). I’ll keep explaining using quotes. Not sorry.

If you can break it, then you have to be the one who fixes it.



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