Smart Surveillance

There is one thing that all Hollywood crime movies have in common: facial recognition. There’s always a classic scene of the police using it to locate criminals. That’s the most typical smart surveillance positive usage I can think about.

But then I can think of the kind of movies where artificial intelligence goes wrong and humanity is controlled by computers. (An example, Eagle Eye, not the best movie, but the first one that came to my mind).

Eagle Eye - Ariia (2)

The discussion about whether surveillance is good or not, is completely reasonable, for me. Apparently there are “two sides”:

  • Companies wanting to implement it
  • Citizens refusing to give their data

We’ve seen many examples of the benefits of smart cities: better services, more security, open data. So, why say no?

In the past few years, there has been a lot of issues related to data privacy. The biggest companies have been playing with our data and we have reached a point where we have no idea how far they’ve gone and how much data they’re retrieving from us. Thus, I believe is totally valid that people get worried and insecure about smart surveillance. In fact, it’s the most responsible thing to do, I think.

Cameras, microphones, sensors… What will happen to all this data?

The consequences of having this type of technology in the cities can be really good or really bad. But what could happen does not depend on the technology itself, but in who’s hands it is.

I really like people being involved in these topics, it’s quite related to citizen participation. It’s also very helpful to build smart cities in the right way, always considering the citizens.



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