Inverse Surveillance


Inverse Surveillance happens when those who are usually watched begin watching their watchers.

The Inverse Surveillance Project was created by Assia Boundaoui, a journalist who grew up in a Muslim Community in Chicago. The project consists of using AI to investigate the FBI records on surveillance. The reason why she started this project is because she, her family, and her community have been watched by the FBI for decades.

Why? Because they are muslims.

This act of surveillance is known as the Vulgar Betrayal. I guess it fits.

I think the violence in surveillance is in the one-way gaze: that they can see you, but you can’t see them.

Mexicans tend to joke about discrimination against latin people in USA, mexicans love to joke about misfortunes. But now let’s think about all the millions of immigrants in the United States. What percentage of them are feeling watched or insecure, just because of their nationality or religion?

Between all this mess, there has to be something good, right? The good thing is that now we have the chance to act as smart citizens. And that’s what Assia is doing: using technology to benefit her community.

We believe strongly open government data and proactive disclosure of public records will create better government transparency and accountability.

I think this is really inspirational for all citizens, because I believe that all of us, at least once, have felt insecure in our community. And this can motivate us and make us think about what we can do with technology in order to solve these kind of problems.




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